Friday, January 7, 2011

Surround them with beauty (Steiner on a shoe-string)

 I try to nurture Spatz's senses by using natural products.

Wood from our garden cut with a drop saw and then sanded and oiled.

Rocks for our home and the beach.

Cloths from baby target, and charity shops
(I love the translucent granny head scarves they make great waves).

Shells from the beach.

Seed pods from local walks.


  1. How beautiful. Those seed pods are interesting, unlike anything that grows around here. What a lovely blog you have.

  2. Thank you Arianne for your compliment.
    The seeds are Australian Native seed pods.
    Gum nuts and Sheoak seeds.
    Would you like me to send you some?
    I will send you a message on your site.
    X Angela

  3. Oh, wow. That would be so neat! We'll send you something in return that is unique to the southwestern united states landscape. What fun! Email me your address to ariannecope-at-gmail-dot-com. And I'll email you mine back. Thanks, Angela!