Monday, January 3, 2011

Small World Play -developing imagination and helping to process feelings

This play started from a Christmas present Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox. Spatz turned the fox into a friend as he does not like the idea of the fox "eating other amimals(sp)- what do you think they are saying Mama? They don't want to be eaten by him not the little mammals. He should be friend with them." 

I think it helps him to organise his thought and give words to his fear in a situation where he has control and a sense of power.

He is really scared by foxes but at the same time thrilled and excited. He woke the other night crying out about the fox chasing the smaller mammals and needed reassurance that Henry keeps us safe and would protect all the mammals on our block. The question is asked "Could a fox eat me?"
"No....! Mien Spatz you are too big and a fox would eat animals that are smaller than it."

It them turned into a farm with a farmer harvesting wheat and taking it to his water mill (made by Vati and Spatz last year out of left over hard wood decking boards).

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