Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Packing up Christmas

This morning, after breakfast we sat in front of the Christmas tree for the last time and sang Christmas carols.
We thanked the biggest Christmas tree that we have ever had for making our Christmas special.

We packed away all the decorations and put then into boxes for next Christmas.

Spatz was very worried when he saw the snips come out to cut up the tree. He had to give it one last full watering can "Because it is very thirsty and its leaves are like this (flops his hands).
Mama! Mama, what will the tree say when we cut it up? "
Concern etched into his little brow.

We talked about placing it in the green compost bins and then discussed the process for making compost.

He was silent.

Thinking, processing, organising and then finally talking. 

"Maybe it will help to grow other trees in our garden when we get new compost. Then it will be here again."

He ran to get his scissors to help cut it up.

The cycle made sense to him.

Bless him and his love and care of all things living.
Bless his beautiful, gentle heart.
I love him.
I am grateful to bear witness daily to the wonderful soul that he is.

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