Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Front Garden

 We live in the foothills above Adelaide and have glorious views over the suburbs , City and towards the coast.

 With this luxury comes the seriousness of living in a high bush fire danger area. Recent hot weather(today is 42 degrees Celsius) brings home the reality the things could get bad very quickly. We have a fire plan in place. I go with Mein Spatz and Henry to a friends house in the city. Depending on the severity, Vati will stay to defend or come with us.


  1. Oh how I love Adelaide! I've never lived there, only stayed with some very dear friends who used to. Your pictures have made me feel quite nostalgic about it. It's wonderful that you're prepared should trouble strike - putting in a little wish for you that it doesn't though!

  2. Adelaide is a great city especially with children.
    So easy to get around and many wonderful things to do.

  3. Beautiful view Angela! We are moving to Adelaide in 4 weeks, and hope to get a place in the hills too.

    Little worried about bushfire also - i have never lived in a high bushfire zone before (used to live in N Qld, currently Tas)...and was at my MIL in VIC the day of Black Saturday....terrifying...

    Hope it cools down a bit for you soon (and before we arrive, lol!).