Monday, January 17, 2011

Natural Learning Sunday (we do our shopping each Monday)

 On a table near our balcony door I set up a little bird watching basket.

Every bird that Mein Spatz has seen on our block has been eagerly found by him and labelled by Mama for quick referencing. He has also located the birds that he feed every morning while staying with Grandma in Sydney last November.
The Kookaburras are very noisy at the moment and he has to run out to see which tree they are laughing from.

Yesterday some crafting was needed.
We sat together and made paper folded stars.

 He picked the colours.
(the concentration showing with the tongue)

He did the folding in half with a little help. 
Was in charge of his glue stick.
And let Mama do the smaller folds into the centre.

 Mama then glued it in order of the colours that he picked.

 Placing above his bed all by himself.

 Then we sat down to have lunch.

Today a lovely friend had Mein Spatz for a play while I went to the supermarket.
Instead, I used the time to wandered around the local charity shop and found.....

this book below

I am very excited!

Off  to bed now to read.
Schlaf schoen, traum schoen.
(Sleep well, dream well)


  1. What a fun day and a great find!

  2. I love that star! They look very simple to make and so effective! Thanks for this post great images too :-)