Monday, July 22, 2013

The Alps.......what a beautiful place

 Mien Spatz on the chair lift in Austria.
Going up to touch snow for the first time.
  Snow. Yay!
Ready to throw at Vati.

 Climbing the Aggenstein (1986 Metre) with Vati and Grossvater.

 Hiking our way to the Schneetalalm for a wonderful day.
 The friendly cows whom liked to like the salty sweet from my arms.

 A visit to Schloss Neuschwanstein.


Monday, June 3, 2013

A taste of Germany........das schmeckt gut!

 New potato, white asparagus and pork sausages.

White asparagus in continental northwestern Europe
Asparagus is very popular in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, and almost exclusively white—else, it is specified by the local language term for "green asparagus". Compared to the latter, the locally cultivated so-called "white gold" or "edible ivory", also referred to as "the royal vegetable", is less bitter and much more tender. Freshness is highly regarded, and it must be peeled before cooking or raw consumption. (from Wikipedia)
  Freshly baked Bretzel
(pretzel in English).
  Mein Spatz's snack of choice, he take one to school most days.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello, a post from Germany........Finally!

A few photos to show you our new flat in Germany.

Mein Spatz's bedroom before.
We had to remove one layer of  poorly laid wall-paper and then paint 6 layers of paint to cover up the "artwork" on the wall.
 Pine bed for EBay (52 Euros) with new mattress and shelf from Ikea Hanover. Globe with light 10 Euros at charity shop(made in Denmark) original price still on the base 150 DM(75 Euro).

Main bedroom before
With children's carpet that was replaced and old dark green blinds.
 King pine bed EBay 55 Euros and wardrobe, shelf, tall-boy and bedside table from the German Gumtree for 180 Euros.
                                                                 Bathroom before
Shower curtains and anti slip mat from Ikea.

Lounge room before
We all slept in here on the floor while we renovated and drove around picking up furniture in Lower Saxony, Germany. (Link to information about the region)
Sofa from EBay 78 Euros
TV shelf 12 Euros
TV 150 Euros
                                                                 Cupboards 65 Euros

                     Computer table free from Grossmutter's cellar.
                       Mein Spatz's Montessori learning material table
                      made for my husband, when he was a child, by his Father.

 Print and frame 8 Euros.
Husband priceless!

All finished- no before shoots. I had enough of it by then.
 The view from our kitchen window. The car is our good old Nissan.

 Some links-
Our local council
This is well know in Germany and  is nearby
The landscape in the area