Friday, January 14, 2011


When the house is quiet you will find Mein Spatz in his room reading.

We love to read in our house. From early on we have always modelled love and respect for books.
 Mein Spatz has books in both English and German.
 Being raised in a house with a mum who loves and gently fosters order he keeps them beautifully in order of height and language.
Many of our English books are sourced from charity shops. We find treasures every week.
We have a strong desire to share with Mein Spatz quality in the books that we read our in our house. We choose books that many would consider to be old fashioned.


  1. What a beautiful, peaceful space you've created for your son to read in. I love the last picture especially - he looks so absorbed in what he's reading!

  2. Thank you Anna,
    I feel very strongly that my home should be a nurturing place for myself and my family.
    Reading should have a very high value.It is such a pleasurable, relaxing, exciting and stimulating adventure.