Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something special from a friend

 At our post office this was waiting for us today.
Our lovely friends from stillparenting sent it for our nature table.
A lovely idea as Australian customs can be very strict.
We sent them some seed pods.

Dear Arianne,
Thank you for the wonderful photographs of native birds taken from your surroundings.
They will make a special addition to our nature table.
We have not met but I feel like I know you really well from your blog.
I feel like we are soul sisters.
I hope to become more descriptive and creative, as you are, the more that I write.
Sending you love and light from Adelaide, Australia.

 On another note, Mein Spatz and I have been house bound with the flu this week, a bit of cabin fever and hair dressing clippers turned this face into this.......... 

I don't think it suits him.
He looks a little rough and tough.

He said "That doesn't look like me Ernst-Wilhelm!"
But it does make him eyes look like chocolate drops.


  1. Chocolate drops - love that description. And such a wonderful gift you received.

  2. You got them! Yeah! Thanks so much for your kind words. I feel like we're soul friends too.

    And Mein Spatz looks cute with his new hair cut! I buzzed both my boys back before the baby was born. The two year old looked great. It suited him. The six year old looked like a cancer patient, ha ha. I won't try it again on him.

  3. Lovely!

    So it was no problem sending the pods into the states?