Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A tooth is missing

Mein Spatz is turning five in May and has lost his first tooth.
Today I bought him a beautiful Red Gum mushroom.
A special treasure box for his tooth that the Fairy can find tonight.
 We had to write the Fairy a note, he wants to keep it to take to Kindergarten when he goes back this year. I am sure the Fairy will leave a beautiful crystal after she has had a good look at his tooth.

"At about the seventh year the human being is actually born a second time; that is to say, his etheric body is born to free activity just as his physical body is at the moment of physical birth. As before birth the mother’s body works on the human embryo, up to the change of teeth spiritual forces of the cosmic ether in a similar way work upon the etheric body of the human being, and about the seventh year these forces are thrust back just as the maternal body is at the time of birth. Up to the seventh year the etheric body is as if latent in the physical body, and about the time the teeth are changed what happens to the etheric body can be compared to the igniting of a match. It is bound up with the physical body, but now comes to its own free, independent activity. The signal for this free activity of the etheric body is indeed the change of teeth. For anyone who has a deeper insight into nature this change of teeth holds a quite special place."

-Rudolf Steiner, Berlin, 13 December 1906.

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  1. Oh, he's so handsome. What a big moment. You made me smile.