Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have you meet our twins?

These two gorgeous babies are Hans-Peter and Adeline.

They are turning three this May as they were welcomed into our family on Mein Spatz's 1st birthday. They started their life here.

Adeline was a gift from my mum, named after her Mother, and similar to herself as a child. Hans-Peter, with a double barrel first name like Mein Spatz, with his colourings from birth - brown hair and chocolate button eyes.

These two helped to teach my son empathy.

From the beginning they have been nurtured, love and cared for with loving hands and hearts by all of us. Modelled by us, at first, then copied by Mein Spatz as he grew.

I can not count the number of times that they have been up my shirt waiting to be born.
With Mein Spatz waiting for my waters to break- just like they did for his birth.
"Quick Vati! Get a towel Mama's water has broken."

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  1. They are so lovely. I love Waldorf dolls. They look like they've held up so well. And they're names are perfect.