Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rise up

For the last two days I have had troubles posting due to difficulties uploading my pictures.
Oh .........How I have missed it.

I wanted to write about friendship and how important it is to share time with the wonderful women in my life.
I hope you are reading this, great women.

Tomorrow night some dear women friends are coming around for the evening.

I have  really wanted to do this for some time but things always got in the way, and would continue too, until I just stopped procrastinating and trying to think about how to make it perfect for everyone.

I just asked them................

Do you want to do this .....?

What night....?

Good all organised!

I only met these women because I became a Mother. Mein Spatz was the key that gave me entry to the wonderful club that is Motherhood.

Most of the time in new social situations shyness and childhood fears can hold you back from approaching people and joining a group or reaching out for friendship. Two years ago I decided to grow up and stop being so scared of rejection and go forward and ask people "Do you want to be friends?".
This paid off.

I do not have a big circle, but it is all I need.

So........I am looking forward to seeing these great women tomorrow night sans children.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say I love the pictures and thoughtfulness of your reflections. Are you coming to Germany for a holiday or work?

  2. We are coming for a visit for two months. We have been in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the Summer to escape the HARSH Winter in Australia(ha,ha).We stay with Grossmutter and I try to learn German. We have been reading and enjoying your blog.

    Thank you.